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Landlords’ event to unpack WA tenancy law changes 

Presentation to Perth landlords who attended a Shelter WA Homelessness Week Event, to learn about ways to help tenants experiencing family and domestic violence (FDV) and other serious problems. The ‘Landlords Making A Difference’ session gave owners of rental homes the opportunity to hear from government, industry and the not-for-profit sector.

In this presentation a Senior Policy Officer from Consumer Protection explains really important proposed changes to Western Australian tenancy laws, to help tenants affected by FDV. The Residential Tenancies Legislation Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2018 gives tenants who are living in fear options to stay or go; either by applying to the courts to have a violent family member removed from the tenancy agreement or by providing evidence of FDV to their landlord so they can leave safely. While the legislation is victim-focussed, Consumer Protection believes there will be clear benefits for landlords, including less abandonment of premises, which can leave the landlord having to deal with the hassle of abandoned goods and taking former tenants to court.


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