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Wageline's leave calculation guides can help you work out an entitlement to annual leave, sick leave or long service leave. Each guide shows a step by step process for calculating how much leave is owed to the employee and, if relevant, the amount to be paid out if employment is ending. 

The Long Service Leave Calculation Guide is based on the Long Service Leave Act 1958 which applies to state system employers and employers and many national system employers and employees in Western Australia. Detailed information on the Long Service Leave Act is available on the Long service leave page of this website.

The Annual Leave and Sick and Carer's Leave Calculation Guides are based on the leave provisions in the state Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 and are relevant to employees covered by WA awards and award free employees in the state system. Visit the Annual leave and Sick and carer's leave page for detailed information. 

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