Watch out for unlicensed tradespeople - Real estate bulletin issue 97 (October 2015)

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7 October 2015

The Department of Commerce (the Department) would like to remind agents and property managers to check the qualifications and licence status, if applicable, of tradespeople that they engage to perform services. This follows a recent media statement warning the community not to use the services of an unlicensed plumber.

The Department’s online search facility is a quick and easy way to check the qualifications of the 26 different licence types issued by Consumer Protection. These include key building related professions such as plumbers, gasfitters and electricians as well as real estate agents, sales representatives, settlement agents and land valuers.

Agents should consider incorporating the Department’s search facility as part of their standard checks whenever engaging tradespeople to maintain or repair properties that they oversee. The search function can assist agents to meet their obligations of acting in the best interest of their principal as well as exercising due skill, care and diligence, as engaging the services of an unlicensed person could lead to problems later on for the lessor and the agent.

The search facility can be found on the Department’s website. A search can be conducted by choosing the appropriate licence type and entering the name of the person or business, licence number, suburb and/or postcode.

The online licence search allows you to check the status of a licence or registration as well as:

  • name of licence or registration holder;
  • licence or registration number;
  • address;
  • expiry date;
  • employment information;
  • type of licence or registration; and
  • any restrictions placed on the holder.

Agents may also use the online facility to verify if a person is appropriately licensed or registered when considering employing them as an agent, sales representative or property manager.

You can view media releases and alerts previously issued by the Department against particular unscrupulous or unlicensed traders, including rogue treeloppers, plumbers, builders and traveling conmen, or visit Consumer Protection’s Facebook page.

To check the registration of a building service provider, please contact the Building Commission on 1300 48 90 99.

If you cannot find your tradesperson or service provider and their profession is licensed by Consumer Protection, you can advise the Department by using the options listed on the licence search webpage or via the Deparment's contact details.

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Last updated 14 Oct 2015

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