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  1. Tipping hazards in the home

    This page is for:  Consumer Product safety Furniture Stability From a toddler’s point of view, home looks like a big playground. They don’t recognise the dangers. The trouble is that most parents don’t recognise the dangers either. Unstable furniture can ...

  2. Frequently asked questions – subcontractor's payment disputes

    This page is for:  Builder Employee / worker Painter Plumber Tradesperson This information applies to construction contracts entered into before 1 August 2022.  For contracts entered into on or after 1 August 2022 see the  Building and Construction Indust ...

  3. ACL industry guides

    This page is for:  Business / company The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is Australia’s national law for fair trading and consumer protection and replaced previous consumer protection laws in the Commonwealth, states and territories. The ACL applies at the ...