Complaints and Problems Consumer Protection can help with a range of consumer right issues such as: Renting / tenancy / landlord problems Your rights when shopping Motor vehicle (Cars, boats and motorbikes) / dealer / mechanic problems Tradespeople and services Charities, associations and clubs...
Aboriginal consumers
The Western Australian Consumer Protection Awards provides an opportunity to reward and recognise the achievements of individuals, non-government organisations, businesses, local governments, journalists and media outlets that have increased awareness of consumer issues, provided support for...
Consumer Protection Awards



‘Indigenous Consumers Count’ are reports examining consumer issues faced by Indigenous Western Australians and whether consumer protection services adequately meet the needs of this diverse...
Consumer Protection
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16 Dec 2015
WorkSafe has produced this checklist to assist you in inspecting your workplace in regards to evacuation and first aid. Although the checklists do not cover all the requirements under workplace safety and health laws, they will give you a better idea of whether your workplace meets basic standards of safety. They will also assist in laying the foundation for a safety and health management system at your workplace.
22 May 2014
The Department of Commerce has published the Aboriginal Employment Strategy to outline its commitment to equality in the public sector.
27 May 2014


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