On 1 July 2013, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (the Act) and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 came into force. These frequently asked questions are designed to assist you in...
Consumer Protection
Fact sheet
02 Dec 2019
Paying proper attention to customer complaints is an essential part of a well-managed business operation. In fact, complaints can improve your efficiency and profitability. Why have a complaint...
Consumer Protection
Guide / handbook
06 Jan 2021
Section 57 of the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978 (the Act) requires developers to register their principal place of business with the Commissioner for Consumer Protection (“the Commissioner...
Consumer Protection
Form – registration
27 May 2014
WorkSafe has produced this checklist to assist you in inspecting your workplace in regards to evacuation and first aid. Although the checklist does not cover all the requirements under the work safety and health laws, it will give you a better idea of whether your workplace meets basic standards of health and safety. It will also assist in laying the foundation for a health and safety management system at your workplace.
07 Feb 2024


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