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All electrical accidents that occur in Western Australia must be reported. The Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 require that all electrical accidents irrespective of their seriousness, must be immediately reported to: the employer (if relevant); and the relevant network operator. If the...
Reporting an electrical accident
The community expects that the electrical and gas appliances they use are safe. Legislation requires retailers to ensure that most domestic appliances sold comply with appropriate Australian safety standards. The Electricity Act and Regulations In Western Australia, electrical safety legislation...
Appliance and equipment approvals
The Electrical Licensing Board is constituted under provisions of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. Its primary function is to determine the competence of applicants for, and holders of, electrical licences and permits issued under the licensing regulations. The board represents the...
The risks associated with an unsafe installation are high, so the work must be restricted to competent (licensed) workers. To emphasise the nature of the hazard, these installations can appear to operate well yet be unsafe. For example, an electrical installation can work without the safety system...
Information on unsafe and dangerous electrical appliances and product recalls. Dielle Residual Current Device (RCD) A recall has been issued for the Dielle Residual Current Device (RCD), model YK78, approval mark N.21905 which were sold in Queensland and South Australia. See Product Safety...
Electrical appliances
Building and Energy produces and amends legislation, codes of practice, guidelines and general safety information. Where public comment is invited, draft copies of the documents are placed on this page.
Discussion papers
To achieve Building and Energy's regulatory objectives, the Director and staff administer a wide suite of legislation: Energy Safety Act 2006 Energy Safety Regulations 2006 Energy Safety Levy Act 2006 Energy Coordination Act 1994 (major parts) Energy Coordination (General) Regulations 1995...
Legislation administered
Responsibilities of Energy Safety The responsibilities of the Director of Energy Safety and the supporting Energy Safety Division can be summarised as covering the technical and safety regulation of: electricity production; electricity transmission and distribution; electricity utilisation (...
Functions and responsibilities
Building and Energy (formerly Energy Safety ) is responsible for the technical and safety regulation of all the electrical and most of the gas industry in Western Australia. Building and Energy's functions date back to the State Electricity Commission of Western Australia, which from the late 1940s...
About EnergySafety
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This application form is used to apply for a university technician's electrical worker's permit.
Form – application
10 Dec 2014
Private overhead power lines Power lines which transport electricity from your main switchboard and meter to your home or other buildings are private power lines. This includes the pole where the...
17 Sep 2014
General It is a requirement of Regulation 45(1) of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 that an electrical contractor shall ensure that his/her electrical contractor’s licence number appears...
15 Jan 2019
Wood Pole Order 01-2009 issued to Western Power under Section 18B of the Energy Coordination Act 1994.
12 Jun 2014
An amended version of the requirements was issued in 2014.
05 Jun 2014
A summary of statistical information about electrical incidents in Western Australia.
07 Apr 2015
The Energy Bulletin has been replaced with the Energy and Plumbing Focus newsletter. The Energy and Plumbing Focus newsletter brings you the latest news for the electrical, gas and plumbing...
05 Nov 2018
These guidelines for the safe management of high voltage electrical installations are issued under Section 33AA of the Electricity Act 1945 (WA) by the Director of Energy Safety and are endorsed by...
Guide / handbook
26 May 2014
A complete list of Building Commission Advisory Notes. Building Commission Advisory Notes are published to provide technical and regulatory information for the building industry of Western Australia.
Building Commission
Advisory note
07 Nov 2018
Building Commission Industry Bulletins are published to provide regular updates on legislative requirements for the building industry of Western Australia.
Building Commission
20 May 2014


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