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Gas operatives and industry representatives may request Building and Energy to provide an interpretation of a specific requirement of a standard that is listed in schedule 7 of the regulations. Interpretations Existing interpretations PDF 119KB Interpretation of Regulation or Standard request form...
Appliance and equipment approval
The Director of Energy Safety, under regulation 32(3) of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999, has issued the following variations and exemptions from requirements in the codes and standards listed in Schedule 7 of the regulations. Each request has been...
Variations, exemptions and dispensations
A guide to the energy industry technical safety regulatory framework administered by Building and Energy.
Legislation administered
Gas Standards (Gas Supply and System Safety) Regulations 2000 The Gas Standards (Gas Supply and System Safety) Regulations 2000 were came into effect on 2 August 2000. The regulations mandate the following standards: AS/NZS 1596 "The storage and handling of LP Gas" AS 1697 "Installation and...
Gas networks
The Gas Licensing Committee was formed by the Director of Energy Safety to consider matters with regard to licenses issued under the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999. The committee's primary function is to advise the Director on the competence of applicants...
The risks associated with an unsafe installation are high, so the work must be restricted to competent (licensed) workers. To emphasise the nature of the hazard, these installations can appear to operate well yet be unsafe. For example, a gas installation could seemingly operate satisfactorily...
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Licensing search
Gas fitter's responsibilities It is the gas fitter's responsibility to ensure that all gasfitting work carried out by him/her complies with legislation. The gas fitter must carry out the work to the requirements of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 and...
Gas installations
All fuel gas accidents or incidents that occur in Western Australia should be reported. Gas incidents Regulation 42 of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 requires that all incidents, such as near misses, injury to persons or property damage relating to...
Reporting a gas incident
A person shall not sell or hire any gas appliance or advertise any gas appliance for sale or hire in Western Australia unless the gas appliance is approved by the Director of Energy Safety, and is marked, stamped or labelled in the manner approved by the Director. Type B appliances are large...
Appliance and equipment approval



Gas Incident Safety Report 2014-15 The full text of the report can be read on our website or downloaded. Read the report This report by Energy Safety summarises information about gas incidents in...
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19 Jul 2019
The Department of Commerce – WorkSafe Division has released a Discussion Paper on recommendations to amend the model Work Health and Safety Regulations (the WHS regulations) for the Western...
01 Jun 2016
This application form is suitable for a person who wishes to upgrade an Installing NG and LPG permit to include as servicing, or to upgrade a Gas Servicing Only permit to include installing NG and...
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Form – application
19 Jul 2019
Important points about LP Gas cylinders, and a list of Standards Australia certified gas cylinder test stations in Western Australia.
Building and Energy
19 Jul 2019
When was the last time you checked your LP Gas installation to ensure it was safe and complies?
30 May 2014
The Energy Bulletin has been replaced with the Energy and Plumbing Focus newsletter. The Energy and Plumbing Focus newsletter brings you the latest news for the electrical, gas and plumbing...
Building and Energy
15 Jan 2020
For gas operatives and industry representative who wish to view the existing interpretations or request an interpretation of a specific code or standard requirement.
Building and Energy
Technical standards
19 Jul 2019
Generic or global variation or exemptions for domestic, commercial or mobile engine installations.
Building and Energy
19 Jul 2019
These guidelines have been developed and issued by the Director of Energy Safety, Building and Energy Division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Western Australia.
Building and Energy
Guide / handbook
13 Aug 2019
This document aims to assist people designated or planning to be designated as an inspector (gas). It provides information on the designation; the powers and limitations of an inspector (gas) under the Energy Coordination Act 1994; and the principles and practices that an inspector (gas) is expected to follow when carrying out their duties.
Building and Energy
Code of practice
12 Aug 2019


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