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Application for a debt collector’s licence by an individual or company. Should you require assistance with completing this form please contact Licensing by telephone on 1300 304 064 (within Australia...
Consumer Protection
Form – application
01 Jul 2018
If you want to trade as a special retail shop you must apply for a certificate. Qualified applications will be processed promptly and free of charge. Lodging an application An application can be...
Consumer Protection
Form – application
04 Jul 2018
Organisations licensed under the Charitable Collections Act 1946 are entitled to visit a house to collect money or sell goods for a charitable purpose. All appeals must be authorised by the governing...
Consumer Protection
23 Nov 2018
The Code of practice: Abrasive blasting provides practical advice on meeting the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 as they relate to abrasive blasting and applies to: all workplaces where abrasive blasting is being carried out; all persons who may be exposed to hazards arising from abrasive blasting in workplaces; workplaces where: abrasive blasting products are used; processes associated with abrasive blasting are undertaken; and abrasive blasting products and equipment are stored.
Code of practice
21 May 2014


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