This information sheet is intended to assist persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) to prevent and respond to incidents of workplace gendered violence. Download this document Information sheet - Gendered violence: Sexual assault
Violence and aggression
This information sheet provides advice to persons in control of a workplace and those involved in inspecting, removing, managing or disposing of asbestos contaminated soils at workplaces. This information sheet deals with soils at a workplace, which are contaminated with asbestos containing...
How can I comply with the new work health and safety laws? Under the Work Health and Safety and Regulations 2022 (WHS Regulations), duty holders will be required to manage the risk of falls at workplaces, as prescribed by the following regulations: Regulation 78 – Management of risk of fall...
Slips and trips and falls
The Work Health and Safety Act and accompanying regulations came into effect on 31 March 2022. Go to the Work Health and Safety laws website For information about WA's work health and safety (WHS) laws
About WorkSafe
Frequently asked questions about statutory positions and certificates have been compiled from the interaction between the department and industry. Interaction with the Statement of Regulatory Intent WorkSafe considers non-adherence to the Statutory Appointment process as an administrative breach,...
Statutory appointments



The person issued with a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN), or their PCBU if they are a worker, can ask the regulator to appoint a WorkSafe inspector to review the PIN using this form. This...
Form – application
03 Jun 2022


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