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Home ownership may not suit everyone's budget or lifestyle so it may be worthwhile considering the alternatives: Boarding and Lodging If you are a boarder, you pay rent to stay at another person's property and meals are usually provided. Lodgers pay rent to stay at another person's property, but...
Buying a property
To ensure that the RCDs fitted to your property perform correctly, they must be tested at regular intervals. Building and Energy recommends that each RCD be tested every three months.
Residual current devices (RCDs)
The proactive compliance program assists retirement village managers with complying with legislative requirements, identifying and rectifying areas of risk and providing general advice. This is achieved through voluntary agency visits and industry seminars. Proactive compliance visits are designed...
Managing a retirement village
There can be confusion about the difference between retirement villages and residential / caravan parks . In terms of appearance and services, the two may be very similar. The main differences relate to the type of ownership and occupancy arrangements, the permanency of tenure and the protections...
Types of rental accommodation



Flowchart guides to time caps on recurrent changes - residential premises permanently vacated BEFORE 1 April 2014 (retirement villages) Flowchart guides to time caps on recurrent changes -...
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Fact sheet
03 Jul 2019
Further information is available in the Exemption certificates under section 77C of the Retirement Villages Act - Guidelines for applicants Who can apply for an exemption certificate? An exemption...
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Form – application
02 Jul 2018
Exemption certificates under section 77C of the Retirement Villages Act Further information about the exemption certificate and the application form are available at Prohibited persons exemption...
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01 Apr 2022
This occupational safety and health (OSH) newsletter has been developed to provide information and assistance to employers, self-employed persons, persons having control of workplaces and employees...
06 Oct 2017
On Wednesday 1 June 2016, the WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner released the Discussion Paper - Work Health and Safety Regulations for Western Australia (the discussion paper) for public...
19 Jul 2016
The attached forms are to be used from 1 July 2016.
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Form – agreement
08 Jul 2016
This schedule must included with retirement village residence contracts entered into on or after 1 October 2015. The information generally reflects the termination rights and responsibilities under...
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12 Apr 2018
Important Information The Retirement Villages Act 1992 allows residents of a retirement village to elect a Residents’ Committee if they wish to. If residents seek to form an incorporated association...
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Guide / handbook
14 Jul 2020
The information in this document is provided as a guide for village managers and residents. The dispute resolution process is outlined in Division 6 of the Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Code)...
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Guide / handbook
30 Mar 2022
The main areas for which amendments to the Interim Code are proposed are identified below. These are cross-referenced to some of the provisions and clauses in the consultation draft of the code and...
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07 Dec 2016


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