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All electrical accidents that occur in Western Australia must be reported. The Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 require that all electrical accidents, irrespective of their seriousness, must be immediately reported to: the employer (if relevant); and the relevant network operator. If the...
Reporting an electrical accident
Safety and health representative training can only be undertaken with an approved training provider. Courses are accredited by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health in accordance with the Western Australian Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 . The following safety representative...
Make a positive difference. Be a WorkSafe inspector All inspector vacancies are advertised in The West Australian newspaper and on the Government of Western Australia's Job Board (use the Web Search No, Position Number or Keywords box to search for WorkSafe inspector). Job packages giving...
About WorkSafe
A provisional improvement notice (PIN) is a notice issued by an elected safety and health representative about a safety and health issue in the workplace. Only elected safety and health representatives who have completed the training required to become a qualified safety and health representative...
Responsibilities and functions
This information has been developed and compiled to assist employers, employees and OSH professionals in preventing and managing work-related stress. This information discusses stress caused by factors in the work environment. While factors outside the workplace can contribute to a person's overall...
This information discusses stress caused by factors in the work environment. While factors outside the workplace can contribute to a person's overall stress response, this information focuses mainly on stress that has occurred as a result of factors within the workplace. Stress can affect everyone...
This page contains frequently asked questions on woodworking machinery guarding When can the riving knife and top guard be removed on a table saw? The top guard and riving knife can only be removed when performing rebating, grooving or trenching. These tasks generally afford the operator with some...
Laser technology is increasingly being used in workplaces. Lasers can be hazardous if appropriate controls and safe systems of work are not used. Scope of the problem Laser beams may cause damage to eyes or skin. The risk of eye injury from laser light and heat is particularly of concern as eyes...
Plant and machinery
This page contains frequently asked questions on first aid. First aid is the immediate treatment or care given to someone suffering from an injury or illness. The initial treatment a person receives directly after an injury, accident or when a person becomes ill at work is extremely important in...
First aid
Information on environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in the workplace What is Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)? ETS is smoke from burning tobacco products that is present in the general environment and which people can inhale. It is sometimes called second-hand smoke (SHS). ETS is a complex mixture of...



The purpose of this Safety Alert is to remind workplaces of the importance of conducting regular service and inspections for vehicle hoists. WorkSafe Western Australia has been inspecting workplaces...
01 Aug 2018
A serious accident at a mechanical workshop involving the ignition of a flammable liquid is currently being investigated by DMIRS. The workshop uses a flammable solvent to clean car components. An...
22 May 2018
This fact sheet provides information about lightning and includes duties for employers of outdoor workers and precautions to be taken to reduce the risk of injuries and deaths as a result of...
Fact sheet
18 May 2018
This checklist designed for employees, OSH Representatives or supervisors in the health care industry to assist with investigation of incidents resulting from violence and aggression from clients/...
12 Feb 2018
Quick stats are snapshots of WA workplace injury and disease hotspots.
04 Jan 2019
This occupational safety and health (OSH) newsletter has been developed to provide information and assistance to workplaces that import plant and equipment or spare parts for plant and equipment. It...
11 Jan 2018
An up to date list of those licenced to perform unrestricted asbestos work in accordance with Part 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996.
30 Oct 2019
In 2017/18, WorkSafe WA is conducting a proactive inspection campaign focusing on other store based retailing outlets, with a view to improving safety within the industry. The campaign will involve...
27 Nov 2017
Asbestos has recently been found in friction wear plates in the suspension systems of rail carriages. The new rail carriages were purchased between 2007 and 2014 and were imported from China. They...
16 Nov 2017
In 2014, the former Western Australian Government released a version of the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws (known as the “Green Bill” ) for public comment. 50 submissions were received...
31 Oct 2017


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