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The Parliamentary Counsel's Office publishes all Western Australian legislation. You can seach and download Acts and Regulations in PDF or Word format. You can download a document with a list of Acts by administering portfolios .
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Consumer Protection has at its disposal a wide range of enforcement options when dealing with breaches of fair trading legislation. Enforceable undertakings are just one of these options. An enforceable undertaking is a legally binding agreement where the trader or business agrees to do certain...
Enforceable undertakings
Consultation on unsolicited consumer agreements ( Door to door sales) Status: Closed 26 July 2013. Comments were sought on a proposal to amend the Australian Consumer Law (WA) to vary permitted calling hours for unsolicited consumer agreements – also known as door to door sales in 2013. The...
Call Consumer Protection Contact Centre on 1300 30 40 54 for information on a variety of topics including tenancy, consumer rights, fair trading, buying and selling property, scams, licences and registrations and running a not-for-profit organisation.
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Updates on the progression of the review and changes are available on the limited partnerships law reform page. Status: Closed 3 February 2014 Consumer Protection was seeking the views of the community in regards to proposed reforms to limited partnership laws. Background The current laws have been...
Advertising campaigns that state "Up to 50% off" are likely to cause consumers to believe a number of items are discounted by 50 per cent and that all other items within the store will also be discounted to some degree. You should not advertise this type of saving if only a few items are offered at...
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Gift recipients have the same rights and responsibilities and are entitled to the same remedies as a consumer who has bought goods or services directly.
Lay-bys, vouchers and gifts
A‘lay-by’ agreement exists when if the consumer: pays for the goods in at least three instalments (when the agreement is not stated to be a ‘lay by’ agreement) or in at least two instalments (when the agreement is called a ‘lay-by’ agreement); and does not receive the goods until the full price has...
Lay-bys, vouchers and gifts
In Western Australia farmers and primary producers have the right to ask for assistance from Consumer Protection if they have a dispute with a shop or business. This is an extra service available to farmers and primary producers that is not available to other businesses. That means that if you have...
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A consumer who wants to make a claim about faulty goods or services against a supplier or manufacturer will usually need to show they obtained the goods or services from the supplier or manufacturer. The same applies to gift recipients. Businesses are understandably concerned to ensure claims made...


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