The Building Commission Division of the Department of Commerce will be located at the Mason Bird Building in Cannington from 25 August 2014. We will be joining EnergySafety and WorkSafe at the Cannington building and are looking forward to providing you with a convenient and accessible ‘one stop’ location for a wide range of services. Limited services available on 22 and 25 August While the...
Building and Energy
Department News
21 Aug 2014
On Friday, 15 August, WorkSafe will move from its home in West Perth to new offices in Cannington. WorkSafe will be open for business as usual on Monday, 17 August, including the licensing centre. For more information call 1300 489 099 or email .
Department News
28 Jul 2014
Consumer Protection has issued another warning about a rogue tradesman who continues to take substantial deposits from consumers but fails to carry out or complete the work. Christopher Brocklebank of Woodvale, trading as Perth Evaporative Air & Gas Services and Elements ‘Hearth, Wind and Fire’ of Wangara, was due to face a trial in the Perth Magistrates Court in early July on seven charges...
Consumer Protection
Media release
14 Jul 2014


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