The 9th of July 2015 was an ordinary day for busy mum-of-three Danielle Stubbs at her Woodvale family home. Her eldest daughter’s ‘Frozen’ microphone was not working and Danielle had unscrewed the battery compartment, removed the dead batteries and put them on the kitchen bench ready to take them with her to the shops so that she could buy replacements that matched. Each battery was only the...
Consumer Protection
15 Dec 2015
With Acting Consumer Protection Commissioner Gary Newcombe Due to their popularity at Halloween-time, I recently used my weekly Community News column to remind consumers to have their eyes open to the potential safety risk posed by short-term wear lenses that allow you to change your eye colour temporarily, or to display a fun pattern over your iris. This week a Facebook post by a mum in the UK,...
Consumer Protection
Department News
10 Nov 2015
Engineers Australia is hosting a free student night as part of Australian Engineering Week 2015.
Building and Energy
Department News
15 Jul 2015


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