Add a class to your high risk work licence

Use the application form provided below to apply for one or more classes of high risk work to be added to your existing WA licence.

Visit the Information for high risk work licence (HRWL) applicants for information about processing times and your ability to work while your application is being assessed.

IMPORTANT: If you have recently applied for a new HRWL, and the application has not yet been finalised, you can either:

  1. Wait for the new application to be finalised and then submit an application to add a new class to that licence (charged the lower ‘add a class’ fee), or
  2. Submit another new licence application (charged the higher ‘new’ licence application fee).

HRWL application pro tips 

Although high risk work licence applications are relatively simple, errors are made which can lead to delays or refusal. Avoid the following common application errors to ensure each application is successful:

  1. Provide a high quality photograph which meets passport standards.
  2. Ensure each application form is completed in full
  3. Make sure the Notice of Assessment (NOA) and Statement of Attainment (SOA) are:
    1. completed in full and
    2. are not more than 60 days old at the time the application is received
  4. If the applicant will be applying for a new HRWL with more than 1 class of high risk work, it is best to wait until all relevant NOA’s are available and submit a single application for all classes. If you submit an application to add a class before the initial HRWL is granted, the new HRWL fees will apply to both applications.

Submit your application

Follow the instruction on the form to submit your application – Application to add a class to a high risk work licence.

IMPORTANT: Do not attach images or copies of credit or bank cards when applying online.


Please refer to the Licensing fees page for fees related to your licence.

Contact us

If you require additional information in relation to the above, please contact Licensing Services:

Phone: 1300 424 091


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