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Applicants seeking guidance or who require an application form to apply for a demolition licence, please see the documentation below.

Application guide

Application for a demolition licence [Class 1 and Class 2]

Nominated supervisors 

Applicants for asbestos removal and demolition licences must engage a nominated supervisor. If the applicant is an individual, they may be the nominated supervisor but must meet the requirements of experience and training. Individual applicants may also engage a different person as the nominated supervisor.

Asbestos removal licences holders may engage more than one nominated supervisor; however, demolition licence holders can only engage one nominated supervisor at a time.

Mutual recognition of licences

Under mutual recognition, an individual who is registered for an occupation in one State or Territory is entitled to a registration in a second State for an equivalent occupation, without further assessment of their qualifications, skills or experience. This, however, only applies to HRWL Accredited Assessor and Demolition applicants.

Application forms

Lodgement options

You can lodge a form or application online (select applications only), by post or in person. Please refer to the individual application forms to determine if online lodgement is available for your licence type.


Please refer to the Licensing fees page for fees related to your licence.

Deemed refused 

According to the WHS Regulations, if applicants do not get a decision on their application within 120 Days, their application is deemed refused and the applicant can apply for an appeal of the decision. 

Status during appeal process 

Authorisations remain current if refusal or renewal is appealed, meaning authorisation holders can still work while the decision is in the appeal process.

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