Change nominated supervisor

The Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022 (WHS Regulations) prescribe that an application for an asbestos removal licence must include the nomination of at least one supervisor (WHS Regulation 498). The supervisor(s) must be at least 18 years of age and be able to provide evidence of being a competent person through the appropriate certification and experience.

To add or replace a nominated supervisor a licence holder must submit a Change to Nominated Supervisor application. There are different forms and different considerations for Class A and Class B nominated superiors.

Applicants must complete the statement of experience (SOE) within the application form(s) to demonstrate that the nominated supervisor meets the competency and experience requirements. The SOE forms a critical part of the application and must be completed in accordance with the regulator’s requirements. Each section in the SOE must be completed with as much detail as possible to ensure the full scope of experience is illustrated.

Under WHS Regulation 507, the regulator must be informed of any changes regarding a nominated supervisor by the licence holder (for example, removing a nominated supervisor from the licence).

For more information on nominated supervisors, see the Department’s applicant guide

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