Changes to high risk work licence forms and requirements

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As part of a program of work to improve the timeliness high risk work licence application processing, changes have been made to the application form and requirements.

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Online submission option for new and interstate transfer applications                 

The Department has launched a online submission option for new or interstate high risk work licences, with no paper application form.

Bulk submissions and applications to add a class to an existing licence are not yet able to be submitted online.

The new online submission option is available for individuals submitting requests for new or interstate transfer applications. 

Identification photos and identity documents not required when adding a class                                           

The requirement for an identification (ID) photograph to be provided when adding a class of high risk work to an existing licence has been removed.

ID photographs remain a requirement for new and renewal applications and must be a high quality photograph that meets passport standards.

The requirement to provide copies of identity documents such as a driver licence or passport have also been removed when adding a class to an existing licence.

Visit the renewals page for further details of the required photograph standards.

New application forms                                                                                              

The single application form has been split into three application forms. The forms have been split so that:

  • the photograph requirement for adding a class can be removed
  • the forms can be made simpler and easier to complete to maximise the number of successful applications.

There are a number of improvements to these forms including:

  • The new forms highlight the requirement for high quality photographs to be provided that meet passport standards.
  • The requirement to put a date and name on the back of the photograph has been removed.
  • Photographs are required to be glued on the forms not stapled.
  • The applicant declaration date has been removed.
  • The wording of the probity questions has been revised to make them easier to understand.
  • The applications include checklists and details of the required supporting .documentation to make it easier to ensure the application is completed in full.

The three new forms are:

  • Application for a licence to perform high risk work - Use this form for all applications where the applicant does not already have a WA or interstate high risk work licence.
  • Application to add a class to an existing licence - Use this form for all applications where the applicant does have a WA high risk work licence and is applying to add one or more classes.
  • Interstate transfers - Use this form for all applications where the applicant has an interstate high risk work licence and is applying to transfer it to WA. Including where they have recently completed training in WA and are seeking to add new classes at the same time.

New forms transition                                                                                              

WorkSafe licensing will continue to accept the old high risk work licence application forms for a limited period until 1 September 2023. After this time the new forms must be used and old forms will not be accepted.

Changes to fees for new applications

The Department has revised the way it applies fees for new high risk work licences.

Previously new licence applicants were charged the new licence fee (currently $86) for each class being applied for. If a person applied for a new high risk work licence with two classes of high risk work they would be changed $172.

The new calculations will charge the new licence fee for the first class, and then the lower ‘add a class’ fee (currently $43), for each additional class. Meaning the same person applying for two classes will be charged $129.

If you are applying to transfer your interstate high risk work licence to WA you will be charged the new licence fee to transfer your interstate licence including all existing classes (currently $86), and the ‘add a class’ fee will apply to each class you apply to add at the same time. 

No more returns

The practice of returning incomplete applications will no longer occur.

If an application is found to have an omission or error the applicant will be contacted by email and provided with 28 days to submit the missing or correct information.

This change will enable eligible applicants to work while their application is being assessed.

Please visit the information for applicants page for more detail on the regulations that apply to starting work before a high risk work licence is granted.

Information for RTO’s                                                                                              

Delays in processing applications usually caused by incomplete applications. RTO’s play an important role in helping WorkSafe licensing to process applications as quickly as possible by ensuring applications are completed in full.

Two documents have been published to help RTO’s with this process.

The RTO bulk application cover sheet is required to be used when submitting more than 1 application by post, or more than 5 in person.

An applicant handout has been prepared for RTO’s to distribute to applicants who intend to submit their applications themselves.

More changes                                                                                                       

More changes are planned to further improve high risk work licence applications. To stay informed of changes:

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