Construction induction training - Guidance on inclusions and exclusions

The table below provides information on when Construction Training Induction Card is required

(Based on draft National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work)

Guidance on inclusions and exclusions
Safety awareness training required Safety awareness training may not be required
Employees, self employed people, supervisors and managers Visitors, couriers, food van employees under escort of supervision
Professional consultants who spend time on a construction site eg inspections and audits which require direct and active interaction with the construction process  Government Inspectors (eg WorkSafe or Local Government Building Inspector) or people authorised to enter a construction site under other legislation/emergency personnel
Casual or part-time building labourers; labour hire personnel working on construction sites  Consultants/contractors not carrying out construction work eg trainers, administrators
Construction work supervisors or foremen Professionals observing work
Engineers and surveyors who carry out preparatory work  Professional consultants not carrying out construction work eg interior designers
On-site installation and joinery eg installation of cabinets, installation of pre-cast concrete panels (includes use of moving machinery such as cranes to deliver and place pre-cast concrete panels onto site)   Component/pre-fabricated manufacture off-site eg kitchen cabinets in factory, pre-cast yard
Any delivery work involving the movement of other mobile plant on site Delivery work involving drop off or pick-up at a designated area only
Truck driver who drops off and then assembles a structure      
Window and glass installation
Truss frame installation and assembly
Drainage pipe laying and installation    
 Concrete placement and/or laying activities, operation of concrete pump      
Installation of fire sprinkler system    In some cases, installation of fire extinguishers – depending on type of workplace so judgment may be needed
Work experience students undertaking construction work   Work experience/practical visits by students not undertaking construction work (and under escort)
Landscape gardeners Gardeners or lawn mowing contractors undertaking general upkeep
Cleaners who work on construction sites whilst construction work is being undertaken   Cleaners cleaning existing or newly completed buildings where no construction work.
People laying carpet or installing curtains in buildings whilst construction work is being undertaken People laying carpet or installing curtains in existing buildings
  People undertaking minor maintenance in existing buildings where no construction work.
  Locksmiths changing locks in existing buildings


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