Diving safety management system (DSMS)

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Before any diving can be undertaken, the diving contractor must have a diving safety management system (DSMS) in force that has been accepted by the regulator and also a diving project plan (DPP).

A diving safety management system (DSMS) outlines how the diving contractor will undertake diving projects and the systems in place to manage the health and safety of workers, hazard identification and risk management. It may be described as a detailed and documented commitment from the diving contractor to the regulator outlining:

  • all types of diving activities to be undertaken
  • an overview of equipment type, any relevant certification required and used as well as sufficient backup and support resources
  • the identification of hazards and risk management associated with those hazards
  • the safety management arrangements to address the findings of those risk management studies
  • emergency management plans and resources for the project. 

It is important that operators ensure that divers and other workers are involved in the development of the DSMS and the diving project plan. It should be noted that the registered operator/contractor bears duties under Part 2 of the WHS Act and the responsibility for the safe conduct of all activities and ongoing safety and health of all persons connected to diving operations.

Development and submission of a diving safety management system: Interpretive guideline

This interpretive guideline will assist diving operators in the development and submission of a diving safety management system.

Download the interpretive guideline

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