Diving start-up notices

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Diving operations are covered in detail in Part 3 of the WHS PAGEO Regulations. Before any diving can be undertaken, the diving contractor must have a diving safety management system (DSMS) in force that has been accepted by the regulator and also a diving project plan (DPP).

It is important that operators ensure that divers and other workers are involved in the development of the DSMS and the diving project plan. It should be noted that the registered operator/contractor bears duties under Part 2 of the WHS Act and the responsibility for the safe conduct of all activities and ongoing safety and health of all persons connected to diving operations.

A key element of the diving operations is that the operator must complete and submit a start-up notice to the regulator at least 14 days before diving is scheduled to commence. No diving is permitted on a diving project prior to this occurring.

Diving start-up notices: Guidance

This guide provides advice to diving contractors on the preparation and lodgement requirements of diving start-up notices.

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