How do I change my contact details?

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To change your details on your High Risk Work Licence you will need to have ready;

Your High Risk Work Licence number

You will find your High Risk Work Licence number on the front of your High Risk Work Licence Card and on your Renewal Notice.  You will need to enter both the letters and the numbers e.g. WL12345

Your email address and mobile phone number (currently recorded with WorkSafe)

You will need to have an existing email address lodged with WorkSafe to be able to Change Your Address and/or Renew Your High Risk work Licence on line.

We will send you an online security code, for you to use, to safeguard your details, so make sure you can access your emails and your mobile phone when completing your transaction on line.

When you enter your security code we will show you part of the email address and mobile phone number you have used to receive the security code.

This security code will be valid for 48 hours, or until a new code is requested, or the code is used.

This code will be sent to your registered email address and/or your mobile - so make sure you have access to them.  If you have any problems receiving the code please check your spam email.

Ready to proceed?

If you have your High Risk Work Licence number, email address or registered mobile phone number, you're ready to go!

Change my details


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