How do I register my plant design?

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Schedule 5 Division 1 of the Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022  lists the items of plant requiring registration of design.

To register plant design you will need to complete and submit a Form 200 – Registration of plant design/alteration to plant design, including any additional information required in support of the application.

Who can apply to register a plant design?

An applicant may be:

  • A person conducting a business or undertaking that designs an item of plant; or
  • A person with management or control of an item of plant.

Completed forms can be lodged by emailing the application and supporting documents to

Please note: The reduced fee for mining applications only apply to the mine operator and plant used exclusively on a mine site. 

Please provide the following when submitting by email

  • The completed and signed application form 200 along with supporting documentation.
  • Representational drawing(s) of the plant design has been submitted with the application. The drawing must be in the English language and is capable of being electronically stored.
  • If engineering principles were used in the design, details of these principles have been submitted with this application.
  • Any other relevant information that may support the application.
  • Provide email and phone number of payment holder details (required for payment)

What happens after I submit an application for design or alteration to design application?

When you have submitted your application via email to your application will be processed and reviewed. A licensing officer will contact the payment holder for payment.

Further information

Regulation 250 of the Work Health and Safety (General) Regulation 2022 details the requirements for making an application to register a plant design.  Schedule 5 Division 1 of the Regulations lists the items of plant for which design registration is required.

You may also wish to refer to the design registration section of the ‘Frequently Asked Questions – Registration of plant design and items of plant’ document. 

Registration of design form


Please note: The reduced fee for mining applications only apply to the principle employer and plant used exclusively on a mine site.

Please refer to the WorkSafe Licensing fees page for fees related to your licence. 

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