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Notices for putting a mine or part thereof, or plant at a mine or part thereof on care and maintenance.

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Who is responsible for the notification?

The mine operator of any mine is required to provide notice to the regulator prior to any area or plant at a mine being put on care and maintenance.

Refer to r. 675UH of the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022.

Required information

Information required to be provided as part of this notice includes:

  • Information requested via SRS submission portal and the applicable pro forma,
  • A description of what the putting of the mine or par thereof entails,
  • Any relevant information or documentation requested by the regulator or the mine deems relevant.

Depending on the nature of the mining operation, only the relevant part(s) of the application need to be completed. However, the items must be addressed in sufficient detail for the application to be properly assessed.

Additional information may be requested after the application is lodged under WHS (Mines) Regulations r.675UH.

Lodging the application

All applications must be submitted through the SRS Submissions module.

After successful lodgement via SRS, the notice will be reviewed.

An SRS Company Administrator (CA) or a Company Representative (CR) can enter information into SRS. The CA can assign the role of CR to any person(s) you nominate to liaise with the Department regarding the submission.

Further information

Further information is available at Safety Regulation System (SRS)

Who can I contact?

For SRS queries:

SRS Manager
Phone: 1300 307 877

Contact an inspector:

Phone: 1300 307 877

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