Noise management in call centres

Acoustic incidents happen when workers are exposed to a sudden loud noise through a headset. This can startle workers and possibly cause pain in the ear. Although it is rare, some workers can experience ongoing symptoms.

You can minimise the risks from an acoustic incident by:

  • attaching acoustic output limiter devices to headsets
  • reducing the level of background noise
  • promptly repairing damaged equipment and network faults
  • training call handlers and supervisors in:
    • how to properly fit and use headsets
    • how to identify an acoustic incident
    • what steps to follow in the event of a sudden loud and unexpected sound, causing pain
  • developing and implementing policies and procedures for:
    • identifying and removing faulty headsets
    • avoiding mobile phone use in contact centres because they can interfere with headsets
    • managing an acoustic incident

For further information, refer to the Code of practice: Occupational safety and health in call centres.  

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