Repeat hazard exposure: Our goals

Priority one sets out WorkSafe's key priorities in regards to repeat hazard exposure.


Increase awareness of workplace hazards that can cause multiple and repeat fatalities and serious injuries, and drive the adoption of appropriate risk management strategies.


  • Duty holders understand their role in protecting workers from hazards and apply hierarchy of control measures as appropriate. 
  • Hazards are identified and risks are understood by everyone in workplace.
  • Reduced fatalities and serious injuries involving the most common mechanisms.


  • Repeat fatalities and serious injuries with common root causes (known hazards with known controls not being addressed).
  • Agricultural industry inquiry.
  • Professor Quinlan research Ten pathways to death and disaster for global mining industry.
  • Ageing oil and gas infrastructure being used beyond its initial design life. 

Focus areas

  • Agricultural sector
  • Construction industry
  • Transport industry
  • Mining sector
  • Oil and gas industry


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