Schedule 26 appointment FAQs

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What does “in writing” mean when accepting an appointment to a statutory position? 

The written record accepting appointment to a statutory position may include an email, a signed document such as a job description form, or an acknowledgement letter. Verbal acknowledgement is not accepted. This approach allows for a record of the acceptance to be produced if requested by a WorkSafe inspector.

Which Schedule 26 statutory positions require notification of appointment?

There is no requirement to notify WorkSafe about appointments to any Schedule 26 statutory positions. However, when WorkSafe inspectors audit an operation’s Mine Safety Management System, they will check that the appointed persons meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant position.

How are an operation’s statutory appointments to be recorded?

Appointments to statutory positions are required to be recorded in the operation’s mine safety management system (MSMS). The Safety Regulation System (SRS) can be used as part of the MSMS and has functionality that allows recording of appointments.

Note: There is no option for bulk uploads of appointments to SRS.

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