Submitting an application for nomination

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Petroleum operator

The regulator must maintain a current register of operators, ensuring that any change to a nominated operator is updated in the register upon receipt and acceptance of the notification. 

The notification of change may be made either by the nominee or the existing operator. There may be a change of registered operator for a facility for the following reasons):

  • the current registered operator of a facility has ceased to have the required level of day-today management and control of the facility
  • there is a change in the operations of a facility that requires a change in nominated operator (for example, from construction to operations or from operations to decommissioning)
  • there is a change in the owner, title holder, lessee or licence holder that necessitates the change of nominated operator
  • the regulator believes there are reasonable grounds that the registered operator may no longer have the required level of day-to-day management and control of the facility. It should be noted that there must always be a registered operator in day-to-day management and control of a facility for any operations to take place on that facility.

This should be taken into consideration when there is a need to change the registered operator so that a transition plan can be agreed between incoming and outgoing operators to meet this requirement.

Once the application form has been completed, submit to the regulator via email.

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