Tilt-up construction

The Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022 require workers to complete an approved training course before commencing tilt-up or precast concrete construction or manufacture.  Workers who have not previously completed an approved training course must be deemed competent under CPCCCM1016A Identify requirements for safe tilt-up work.

Workers who have previously completed one of the following courses:

  • 51203 Course to Contribute to Safe Tilt-up Construction;
  • 51629 Course in Contribute to Safe Tilt-Up Construction;
  • CPCCCM1007A Carry out tilt-up work safely; or
  • CPCCCM2011A Carry out tilt up work safely

may continue to undertake tilt-up work without completing the current course.

Supervising tilt-up work

The WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner has approved course CPCCBC4022A Supervise tilt-up work to satisfy the requirement that people who directly supervise tilt-up work at a construction site must have completed an approved course. 

To find a registered training organisation, go to training.gov.au and type the unit number into the search facility.

National code of practice

The National Code of Practice for Precast, Tilt-up and Concrete Elements in Building Construction offers practical guidance on ways to eliminate hazards and minimise risks in the safe handling of concrete elements in building construction.  

The National code incorporates the national construction standard and the national licensing standard. The National code also provides practical advice about the safe design, manufacture, transport, cranage, storage, erection and stabilisation of concrete panel walls and other precast concrete elements.



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