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It is important that everyone in the workplace understands the procedures for reporting and addressing work-related stress. Employers should provide instruction and training on the process and encourage reporting of work-related stress issues and psychological risk factors.  

Training and instruction may include information on:

  • Workplace’s commitment to supporting and maintaining a positive work environment, that values employee health and well-being
  • Each of the psychological risk factors
  • Early warning signs of a stress response
  • Individual and organisational measures used to prevent work-related stress from occurring
  • Workplace procedures and policies
  • How to report work-related stress and psychological risk factors 
  • How work-related stress reports will be responded to including time frames
  • Where to access support within the workplace and outside of the workplace

Providing employees with information

Information about work-related stress can be given to workers in a number of ways including:

  • Talking directly with employees by holding team meetings, tool box talks or speaking one-on-one with them 
  • Handing out company newsletters or pamphlets 
  • Including information sheets in payslips
  • Displaying posters around the workplace
  • Through email messages or intranet announcements

Training is available through consultants and registered training providers on topics such as managing stress or stress management strategies. While this training may assist individuals to develop their coping skills, it may not include information that is specific to the psychological risk factors that have been identified in their work environment. Therefore, your workplace may still need to conduct its own training for employees. 

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