Police checks

Licence applications must generally be accompanied by an Australian police check for all individuals associated with the application. Police checks must be issued in the individual's full legal name. 

Please note: original documents will not be returned. As such, duly certified copies will be accepted should you wish to keep the original. Consumer Protection has a list of occupations authorised to certify documents.

Police checks can be obtained via:

  1. National Police Certificate (NPC) - available in store at Australia Post (in WA) or from your local police station (outside of WA).  OR
  2. National Police History Checks (NPHCs) from one of the following providers (accepted on a trial basis):

Acceptance of NPHCs as an alternative to NPCs applies only to licences/authorisations for which the Commissioner for Consumer Protection (the Commissioner) is the licensing authority.  NPHCs are issued by accredited agencies of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

The cost and process to apply for a NPHC (online, by mail or in person) is set by each agency so you may want to shop around for a service which meets your individual needs.

All other requirements specified in licensing application forms apply to NPHCs issued by accepted providers e.g. the acceptable age of the certificate. 

The accepted providers listed above have satisfied the Commissioner their NPHCs meet certain minimum requirements. The acceptance of NPHCs does not represent any affiliation between the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety or the Commissioner and these agencies.

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