Bonds and start up fees

Park managers can only ask for money relating to rent and a bond at the start of the tenancy. There are no other upfront fees that can be charged.


No more than two weeks rent in advance can be collected before or during the first two weeks of the tenancy.

Unless the rent is directly deposited into a financial institution, park managers must provide a receipt to the tenant for their rent in advance and any bond money within three working days. The receipt should state:

  • date it was paid;
  • total amount paid;
  • the period for which the amount is paid;
  • amount of the pet bond (if applicable);
  • name of the tenant; and
  • details of the site.


Security bonds are limited to the cost of four weeks rent. Additional bonds can also be charged for security keys and pets, however the amount of these bonds is also restricted by law.

  • $100 (max) security for keys; and
  • $100 (max) pet bond - if pets are allowed (for the fumigation of ‘rented premises’).

The bond money cannot just stay in the Park’s bank account. It must be lodged within 14 days with either:

  • the bond administrator; or
  • paid into a tenancy bond account with a financial institution.  A copy of the lodgement document should be given to the tenant.

Cooling-off periods

Residential parks tenants do have a cooling-off period if they have a site-only agreement and have yet to move in. These are:

  •  five days if the seven disclosure documents were provided beforehand; or
  • 10 days after receiving the documents if they were not provided.

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