Changing a bond (Bond variation)

A security bond may need to be changed/varied because:

  • additional bond money needs to be lodged with the Bonds Administration, for example because the rent has been increased;
  • one or more of the tenants in a shared household has moved out or a new tenant has moved in;
  • the ownership of the property has changed; or
  • the lessor has employed a different managing agent.

Personal information is managed in accordance with the Bonds Administration management of personal information policy.

Lodging changes with the Bond Administrator

Private lessors/landlords

Use BondsOnline to make changes to a bond. If you cannot use BondsOnline, please follow the instructions on creating a manual bonds form

Real estate agents and property managers

Changes to bonds must be made using BondsOnline.

Changes in shared tenancies

In situations where joint tenants are on a bond and one, or more, decide to leave, or is replaced (with the consent of the lessor/agent/new tenant/s) it is recommended the entire bond be paid out by completing a Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond form. This ensures the departing tenant/s are paid any monies owed. The lessor/agent should lodge a new bond using a Lodgement of Security Bond form for incoming and remaining tenant/s.

Alternatively, the vacating and incoming tenant/s can settle any monies owed as a private matter by passing bond money between themselves.  Once all parties are satisfied the bond has been settled, a Variation of Security Bond form can be used to notify the Bond Administrator of the change in tenant names. The vacating tenant should not sign or electronically approve the Variation of Security Bond form until they are satisfied they are no longer owed any money from the bond.

When a person cannot be contacted or is deceased

Please see Releasing or claiming a bond for more information. 

Decreasing a bond

There is no obligation on the lessor/agent to agree to partially refund the bond during a tenancy. 

However, if the lessor/agent agrees, a bond can be decreased when there has been a reduction in the weekly rent amount or a pet bond is held for a pet and the pet no longer resides at the premises.  

To request a partial bond disposal during a tenancy you will need to complete a Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond form. 

A bond decrease can only occur during a tenancy agreement when the payment is to the tenant/s. 

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