Consumer Protection Awards FAQ

Nominating for a Consumer Protection Award

The frequently asked questions below provide some helpful information about the Consumer Protection Awards such as the essential entry requirements, how to apply for an award and the judging process.

When do nominations open and close?

Nominations open in the second half of each year. Information on the nomination period will be placed on the Consumer Protection Awards home page.

Who can nominate?

Any Western Australian individual, non-government organisation, group, business, or local government authority.

Any Australian journalists or media outlets distributing content in Australia that has a direct benefit to Western Australian consumers.

You can also submit a nomination on behalf of more than one individual, group or organisation in one or more categories.

Can I nominate for more than one category?

You may enter, or nominate another individual, group or organisation, in more than one category provided the eligibility criteria are met. However, a separate nomination must be completed for each category and the information for each submission should clearly differentiate between each category entered.

I was a nominee or a finalist in last year’s Awards – can I enter this year?

Yes, all previous year’s nominees and finalists who do not win are eligible to enter in any category in these awards in the following year’s Award program or thereafter.

I was a winner in last year’s Awards – can I enter the Awards again this year?

No, you are not eligible to enter this year. Previous Award winners cannot enter the awards in any category for two years from the date of their previous winning nomination.

What are the awards categories?

There are four Award categories to select from:

  • Rona Okely Award – for individuals;
  • Richard (Dick) Fletcher Award – for groups and organisations;
  • Kidsafe WA Award – for individuals, groups or organisations; and
  • Ruby Hutchison Media Award – for journalists and media outlets.

Note: The David Hillyard Award recipient is selected by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection - no entry required or accepted.

How do I nominate for an award?

Before starting your submission:

As you complete your submission:

  • respond to the specific assessment criteria in each category – this is the main part of your entry that is assessed by the judges;
  • take note of the word count – there is a word limit for each category’s criterion;
  • be concise and to the point. Use dot points and include tables and graphs where necessary. It may also help to use the STAR system (situation, task, activities, results); and
  • take the time to read through each criteria’s ‘Helpful hints’ as you work your way through the online submission process.

What are the essential entry requirements I need to complete my nomination?

If you are nominating on behalf of another individual, group or organisation – you must obtain their consent before submitting a nomination as terms and conditions of entry apply.

Have the following information and material readily available to input or upload as you go:


You should provide the name and contact details of at least one individual who can comment directly on your or your nominee’s achievements. The person should not be a close family member.

Before you provide your referee/s details, contact them to get their approval to do so. Tell them about the Awards and the category you are entering to gain support for your nomination.

Please also note: in the interest of avoiding perceived bias and/or a conflict of interest, Consumer Protection and other Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety staff cannot act as referees.


Provide up to four high quality images and a company logo (.png or .jpg). For an individual include at least one headshot along with other images relating to work activities. These images will be used for promotional purposes for the awards presentation, printed material, online publications and digital/social media.

Supporting material

All supporting material including website URLs/links should be referenced within your submission.

  1. Supporting material for the Ruby Hutchison Media Award is mandatory.

Please include samples of your work to support your nomination such as:

  • audio files for a radio segment nomination; or
  • video URL links or files for a televised news segment nomination.
  1. Supporting material for the Rona Okely, Richard (Dick) Fletcher and Kidsafe WA Awards is optional.

To better illustrate the impact and the results of your nomination, you may submit information such as:

  • reports;
  • testimonials;
  • media coverage;
  • analytical data;
  • photos (before and after of an issue or situation);
  • survey outcomes;
  • videos; and
  • audio files.

How do I submit my nomination?

All submissions must be completed online via the Consumer Protection Awards nomination portal. Each year of the nomination opening period, a link to the online portal will appear on the Consumer Protection Awards home page.

You will be prompted to register and create your own login to complete and submit your nomination. You will then be able to:

  • edit your entry after submission up until the closing deadline; and
  • download a PDF of your entry after submission for your record.

How will my nomination be assessed?

Consumer Protection will coordinate an independent assessment process to review each nomination received. Judges for the Awards panel are chosen for their expertise, knowledge and experience in consumer protection and media issues.

The judging panel will evaluate all entries against the assessment/eligibility criteria, as outlined within the online nomination portal. Criteria vary based on the award category.

The judging process is merit-based and the judging panel will:

  • review all nominations;
  • request further information as necessary;
  • interview nominees as needed;
  • contact nominated referees as necessary;
  • select finalists in each category; and
  • select winners in each category.

How will I know I am finalist?

You will be advised of your status as a finalist or non-finalist by electronic letter from the Commissioner for Consumer Protection.

Nominators who have submitted an entry on behalf of another individual, group or organisation will be advised of the outcome by email from the Consumer Protection Awards Coordinator (following the finalist’s notification above).

When are the finalists and winners announced?

The names of finalists and winners are announced at the annual Western Australian Consumer Protection Awards presentation ceremony, usually held each year in the week of World Consumer Rights Day (15 March).

Where can I get more information or help?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Consumer Protection Awards Coordinator by email or phone 1300 304 054.

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