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CP Awards - 2024
CP Awards - 2024, by Consumer Protection

2024 Consumer Protection Awards

Congratulations to the 2024 winners - the year we celebrate our 20th anniversary of the awards. Read more at our winners and finalists page.

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About the Consumer Protection Awards  

The Consumer Protection Awards (the Awards) celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations that have contributed positively to consumer protection in Western Australia. These contributions can include:

  • raising awareness of consumer rights;
  • championing disadvantaged or vulnerable consumers;
  • improving complaints handling, mediation or dispute resolution processes;
  • contributing to injury prevention for children, such as working in the interests of the safe use of products;
  • helping consumers with tenancy matters, scam prevention, debt management or understanding contracts;
  • undertaking relevant research and/or contributing significantly to policy formulation that benefits consumers; and
  • developing promotional and educational programs on consumer protection issues.

Winners are announced at an awards presentation ceremony usually held during the week of World Consumer Rights Day (15 March).

Why nominate?

Finalists and winners are widely acknowledged for their achievements and work in protecting consumer rights within our community. Winners and finalists are announced through a media statement and other publicity associated with the event.

The confidence and credibility gained through the awards process can be influential for participating individuals, organisations and businesses when making future applications for project funding, support or partners.

All finalists receive a framed certificate. Winners in each category receive a cash prize of $2,500 each, a framed certificate and a trophy. Winners' names are also added to a perpetual shield displayed at Consumer Protection’s head office.

Be inspired by our previous year's winners and see what they have to say about winning an Award in their category.

Award categories

There are four Award categories in which to nominate as an individual, group, organisation, journalist or media outlet.

Three of the Award categories have been named after Western Australian consumer protection pioneers – Rona Okely, Richard (Dick) Fletcher and Ruby Hutchison.

The new David Hillyard Award is named in honour of former Commissioner for Consumer Protection 2015-20  David Hillyard for his 40 plus years advocating for consumer rights.

Rona Okely Award

The Rona Okely Award acknowledges an individual Western Australian who has influenced and inspired consumer protection in their community. They have given their time, energy and experience to help others and are a positive role model for those involved in the public and not for profit sectors.

Nominees must be an individual who can demonstrate a significant achievement, contribution and commitment to protecting Western Australian consumers.

Richard (Dick) Fletcher Award

The Richard (Dick) Fletcher Award acknowledges a Western Australian local government authority, non-government organisation or group that have made a significant contribution towards the advancement of consumer protection.

Nominees effectively deliver services, projects or initiatives that raise community awareness of consumer protection issues.

Kidsafe WA Award

The Kidsafe WA Award acknowledges a Western Australian individual, local government authority, non-government organisation, business or group that have made a significant contribution to the advancement of injury prevention for Western Australian children.

Nominees have worked to raise awareness of specific product hazards, been involved in the design and development of new products or developed and delivered projects that raise community awareness of product safety.

Ruby Hutchison Media Award

The Ruby Hutchison Media Award acknowledges the media’s significant role in raising awareness of consumer rights in Western Australia. This includes product safety, highlighting breaches of consumer laws and alerting the public about consumer protection issues.

Nominees may be journalists, producers or media outlets distributing content in Australia, with a direct bearing or benefit to Western Australian consumers.

The publications or broadcasts must have occurred between the previous Award's submission deadline and the current year’s submission deadline.

David Hillyard Award

The David Hillyard Award recognises a person who, or an organisation which, has made an outstanding on-going contribution to consumer protection in Western Australia over a significant period of time. The recipient will be an individual or organisation, including those who may have previously received a Consumer Protection Award.

This Award is made by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection and will not necessarily be awarded at each Awards ceremony. No nominations accepted.

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