Principal Executive Officers

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Each licence holder has a governing body that is responsible for the management of the organisation and its operations. The name of the governing body can vary depending on the organisation’s structure and may be known as the management committee, board of directors or trustees. 

When applying for a licence, it is a requirement to provide Consumer Protection with the details of three (3) Principal Executive Officers (PEOs) who have the power to make decisions about the management of the organisation. Examples of PEOs include:

  • Chairperson or President
  • Trustee
  • Committee member
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director
  • CEO

Change of principal executive officers

Details of any changes to the licence holder’s PEOs must be lodged with Consumer Protection within one (1) month of the change occurring. 

The organisation can use the Change of circumstances form to notify Consumer Protection of these changes. 

Disqualified persons

Under the standard licence conditions, certain persons are disqualified from holding positions on the organisation’s governing body unless written consent is given by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection. 

A disqualified person is anyone who:

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