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There are nine steps to registering a co-operative:

  1. Make sure you have at least 5 members
  2. Decide on the type of co-operative - Decide whether it is best to be a distributing co-operative, or a non-distributing co-op with or without share Capital.
  3. Identify one or more primary activities - You must identify at least one activity of the co-operative that both reflects its basic purpose and makes a significant contribution to the business.
  4. Decide on how active membership will be measured - You need to decide how a member must use or support the primary activity of the co-op so he or she remains an active member. Only one active membership provision is required even if your co-op has more than one primary activity.
  5. Draft the proposed rules - Complete the form Application for approval of proposed rules of a co-operative (Form 1).  Obtain a copy of the model rules. The rules must indicate the active membership provisions, and set out a statement of primary activity. It is a good idea to get a group of proposed members to agree on the draft rules beforehand as they will need to be passed by two thirds majority vote at the formation meeting. 
  6. Submit fees and documentation for review by the registrar - At least 35 days prior to proposed formation meeting.  Submit with appropriate fee
    1. Distributing co-operatives only - Draft the disclosure statement co-operatives (Form 02). You can use the disclosure statement template.
  7. ​Rules (and disclosure statement if applicable) approved by registrar and returned
  8. Hold formation meeting - This is when prospective members will vote to accept the rules, sign membership applications and elect the board of directors.
  9. Submit completed documents to the registrar​
    1. Application for registration of a co-operative (Form 03)
    2. A certified copy of the rules and the disclosure statement (if applicable) are also required.
    3. In addition statement of director details (Form 04), should be submitted.

The registrar sends a registration certificate and a copy of the registered rules to the co-operative after approval.

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