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The guide helps AssociationsOnline users navigate through the welcome screen, enrolment, login and search for associations. 

To enrol in the system simply:

  1. Go to AssociationsOnline
  2. Click "Enrol"
  3. Enter your details and click submit
  4. Go to your e-mail inbox
  5. Locate your “verification” e-mail
  6. Click on the link and confirm

Further detail about the system is covered in the topics below.

Welcome screen: enrol, login or search

On the welcome screen you will be able to:

  • Log into your account.
  • ‘Enrol’ and create an AssociationsOnline account.
  • Search for information about your or another association and purchase documentation (you are not required to login to do this).
  • Obtain information and assistance.
  • Obtain information on the service availability of the system.

To search for an association or find documents about an association (you may be required to pay for these), simply type in the name of the association in the search box and click on the “Search” button.  You will be given a list of options to select.  The process for purchasing documents if covered in the Find and buy documents guide.

AssociationsOnline Welcome screen
AssociationsOnline Welcome screen, by Consumer Protection
AssociationsOnline Welcome screen, by Consumer Protection

Home screen (when you login)

This is your "home screen". Once you have logged in you will land on a dashboard screen which will give you access to:

Details of how to do each of these activities are covered in other guides. 

AssociationsOnline Home screen
AssociationsOnline Home screen, by tvanderloo
AssociationsOnline Home screen

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password select the ‘Forgotten password’ button on the Welcome screen. The ‘Forgotten password’ screen will open where you will be prompted to complete the mandatory fields:

  • Email address and verification word, or
  • Secret question and answer.

Click the ‘Send reset link’ button on the bottom right corner and an email with a reset link will be sent to you.

If you have not received the email within five minutes you should:

  • Check your spam or junk folder.
  • Redo the process above.
AssociationsOnline forgot password
AssociationsOnline forgot password, by tvanderloo
AssociationsOnline forgot password


You can enrol / create an account by clicking the enrol button on the right of the screen. 

In order to enrol you need to complete the following information:

  • Personal details such your title, full name, address and contact details.
  • Your security details including password, retype password, verification word, security question and answer.
  • Agree to the AssociationsOnline Terms and Conditions of Use and verify your enrolment by retyping an auto generated code.

Passwords must be:

  • 8 or more characters in length, and include
  • at least 1 number; and
  • at least 1 non-alphanumeric character (e.g. ~@#$%^&*()_+{}[]\|<>/).

Once the enrolment information is received, you will receive a confirmation email from associations@dmirs.wa.gov.au 

Click on the link in the email to finalise your enrolment

Once confirmed you will have full access to the AssociationsOnline system.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within five minutes please click on the ‘Resend the email’ button on the confirmation page

AssociationsOnline enrol screen
AssociationsOnline enrol screen, by tvanderloo
AssociationsOnline enrol screen

Association search 

You will be able to search for an association to find and purchase documents.  The results are limited to 100 associations.

There are two ways to search for associations and their documents.  Firstly is the search box at the bottom of the welcome screen and secondly is the search box on the top of the home screen if you have logged in. 

You are able to:

  • Search for associations by their association name or number (IARN). Once a list is displayed, you can sort the information by association name, number, status or date incorporated.
  • Order documents by selecting the ‘Order documents’ button.
  • Review the documents you have selected and the price to be paid for them by hovering over the ‘Shopping cart’ icon.

Both enrolled users and members of the public will be able to conduct searches and purchase documents.

AssociationsOnline search screen
AssociationsOnline search screen, by tvanderloo
AssociationsOnline search screen

Watch our helpful video on how to enrol and link to AssociationsOnline.


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