Small and special retail shops

Retailers wishing to trade as a small or special retail shop must apply for a certificate. 

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Small retail shops

In part, small retail shops are shops owned by up to six people who operate no more than four retail shops, in which up to 25 people work at any one time (people employed as apprentices are not included in maximum permitted staffing numbers).

Small retail shops may sell any goods other than motor vehicles. Shops in this category can trade 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Special retail shops

Special retail shops are considered necessary for emergency, convenience or recreation goods. Special retail shops include:

  • pharmacies;
  • garden nurseries;
  • hardware and home improvement shops;
  • newsagencies and bookshops;
  • video shops;
  • art and craft shops;
  • souvenir and duty free shops;
  • shops at sports venues;
  • boating shops;
  • motor vehicle spare parts shops; and
  • shops at international standard hotels.

The list of the goods able to be sold are prescribed in the regulations. Special retail trading hours are 6.00 am – 11:30 pm every day of the year.

Lodging an application for certificate

Retailers may lodge a small or special shop application for certificate online at:

Completed and submitted applications will be automatically sent to the Automotive Marine & Trading Hours Branch, where qualified applications will be processed promptly and free of charge.

You may also download a copy of the small and special retail shop application for certificate and lodge your application by:



Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Automotive Marine & Trading Hours Branch
Locked Bag 100





Further information

Further information can be found on our retail trading hours page, or you can contact the Automotive, Marine and Trading Hours Branch of Consumer Protection on Telephone: (08) 6251 1406.

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