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Looking for a training provider?

Training providers are listed on either the mandatory or elective pages depending on which sessions they are approved to provide.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program improves property industry professionals’ knowledge and skills in industry developments, legislative changes and work practices.  Further details about the program is available on the continuing professional development page.

Real estate industry professionals must achieve 10 CPD points in a calendar year made up of three from mandatory activities and seven from elective activities.

Elective CPD activities must be submitted for approval and include core concepts which increase consumer protection and public confidence in the industry, and promote professionalism.

How do I get an elective course approved?

Complete and submit an application form including a brief description of the intended course material well in advance of the intended date of the activity. Applications that have not provided sufficient processing time cannot be approved.

Consumer Protection will assess the material submitted to determine if it is a valid CPD activity in accordance with sections 4AA, 4AB and 4AC of the Real Estate and Business Agents (General) Regulations.

Approved courses are listed under the relevant elective category.

Can I submit more than one elective course application for approval?

Yes, however you must use a separate application form for each course and delivery type, and email them separately. 

Elective learning topics

The activity must also be compatible with at least one of the elective learning topic areas in Schedule1A of the Regulations.     

Course duration

Elective courses must run for the amount of time which was stipulated on the application form when the course was originally approved.

If the length of a course has changed you must notify us by email so CPD points allocated can be amended if necessary.

Late arrivals

Participants who arrive more than 30 minutes late and stay for the remainder of the activity, will only be eligible for the CPD points when they complete the activity.  They must re-schedule the same activity with the same training provider to complete the missed part of the activity.

Consumer Protection will only subsidise Mandatory course attendances when participants have completed the activity in full.

Participant evidence

Training providers must issue participants with evidence of:

  • attendance on completion of a CPD activity and
  • any assessment was undertaken and passed (if relevant).

The following information must be listed on the evidence of attendance document:

  • activity approval number
  • name of training provider and registered training number if applicable
  • activity title
  • attendance date
  • number of CPD points for which the activity is approved
  • full name of the participant, and
  • licence or registration number of the participant.

Participant attendance / CPD Online

Training providers must lodge attendance information via CPD online within 14 days of the course being conducted.  Please refer to your CPD user guide for user and security information.

If your login and/or password details is forgotten or compromised please contact (08) 6251 2955.

Who can I contact for more information?

Further information regarding the submission of courses for approval please: email or phone (08) 6251 2955.

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