Videos on renting

Three information videos are available to help you understand the tenancy laws in WA.  

  • Part one: Getting started
  • Part two: Moving in
  • Part three: Ending a tenancy

Are you a tenant in a family and domestic violence situation and need some assistance?

Find out more about your options to leave or stay in your rental home with family and domestic violence related tenancy law changes. 


Getting started

Getting started covers applying for a tenancy, option fees, tenancy databases, discrimination, tenancy agreements, rents and bonds and property condition reports.


Tenancy Laws Part 1 - Getting Started, by ConsumerProtectionWA

Moving in

Moving in covers tenants and landlord rights and obligations during the tenancy including maintenance, security, safety devices, repairs, inspections and subletting. 


Tenancy Laws Part 2 - Moving In, by ConsumerProtectionWA

Ending a tenancy

Ending a tenancy covers how to end a tenancy, notice periods, rent payments, rent increases, final inspections, breach notices and evictions. 

Tenancy Laws Part 3 - Ending a Tenancy, by ConsumerProtectionWA

Non english versions

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Guides for lessors and tenants

Download the guides
Renting out your property - a lessors guide PDF 4.04 MB
Renting a home in Western Australia - a tenants guide PDF 3.90 MB

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