Tax concessions from state and local governments

There are a number of tax concessions available to charities from state and local governments. Your organisation does not need to be registered with the ACNC to receive state or local government tax concessions.

Concessions may be available on taxes like stamp duty (a tax on some financial and property transactions), payroll tax (a tax on wages that exceed a certain threshold paid by employers) and land tax (a tax on land owners). Each state and territory has different requirements for accessing these concessions.

Local governments may also give concessions to charities (for example, on rates).

Western Australian tax concessions

For information about payroll and land taxes, stamp duty and compliance:

Department of Finance (WA)
GPO Box T1600, Perth WA 6845
General Enquiries: (08) 9262 1400
Country Callers: 1300 368 364
Online contact form: Make an enquiry