Another public warning about dodgy tree lopper’s bad behaviour (Sean Weinthal / Arthur McInnes / AMAC Tree Services / Palm and Tree Services)

This announcement is for: 
  • Serious concerns about tree lopper’s unethical and illegal business practices
  • Demanding cash payment in full upfront and no receipt a warning sign
  • Don’t deal with this rogue tree lopper with long history of bad behaviour

Consumer Protection is issuing yet another public warning about the bad behaviour of a dodgy Perth tree lopper who has been the subject of numerous warnings and prosecution actions over many years.

Sean Robert Weinthal of Wanneroo (aka Sean Peters, John, Steve or Tom) is continuing to attract many complaints and enquiries from concerned customers dissatisfied with his behaviour towards them and the standard of the work being carried out.

Mr Weinthal is associated with AMAC Trees, AMAC Tree Services (unregistered), Palm and Tree Services (unregistered) and formerly Eco Tree Services. Some of these business names and their Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) are, or have been, registered under the name of Arthur McInnes of Mandurah. Another name recently registered by Mr McInnes is Tree Re and Removal Services.

The formal complaints and several phone enquiries received relate to the following unethical and illegal behaviour:

  • Commencing work without formal acceptance of the quote or authorisation;
  • Bullying and intimidating behaviour when collecting the full amount quoted before work begins;
  • Not providing written quotes or receipts, even when asked;
  • Ignoring laws relating to unsolicited sales;
  • Unsatisfactory work;
  • Damage caused to the property and gardens of consumers and their neighbours;
  • Not completing all of the agreed work, including removal of stumps and green waste;
  • Green waste dumped on front verges and, in some cases, neighbouring properties when removal was part of the agreed work to be carried out. Consumers forced to pay more, or make alternative arrangements, to have waste removed.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe said Mr Weinthal is a serial pest for many of the unfortunate consumers who come into contact with him.

“We have been dealing with this rogue tree lopper for almost ten years now, on numerous occasions issuing warnings and initiating legal action, including convictions with heavy fines, yet Mr Weinthal continues with his bullying and often illegal behaviour,” Mr Newcombe said.

“Using false names when dealing with consumers and constantly changing business names he is associated with are actions designed to hide his appalling bad behaviour and long history with Consumer Protection.

“We again advise consumers to have nothing whatsoever to do with Mr Weinthal, or any of the businesses of which he is associated, while he continues to flout the law and adopt illegal and unfair business practices.

“Never deal with traders like Mr Weinthal who require full cash payment upfront, as this removes the negotiating power consumers may have to resolve any disputes such as failing to complete the agreed work or remove green waste.

“Their practice is to attract customers by leaving leaflets placed in letterboxes. If the leaflet does not include the ABN of the business, be suspicious, and make sure you get three quotes before giving the go ahead. Don’t be intimidated by bullying behaviour.

“If you invited any tradesperson to your home just for a quote, they will be breaking consumer law if they don’t observe a ten business day cooling off period before starting the job and collecting payment, and provide information about how you can cancel the contract during that time.

“It should be seen as a warning sign if a trader demands cash or direct bank transfer as payment and then refuses to provide a written quote, invoice, receipt or any other proof of the transaction which is required by law, especially if requested.

“Traders who accept credit cards will usually be more reputable than those demanding cash. Consumers paying by credit card can also ask for a chargeback if the agreed work is not completed to their satisfaction.

“Businesses that advertise their services without a recognised identifier such as an ABN issued by the Australian Business Register should also act as a ‘flag’ to consumers. Without these identifiers it is difficult to actually verify the legitimacy of the business owner.”

Some of the previous warnings and prosecutions relating to Mr Weinthal include:

Rogue tree lopper to pay more than $22,000 after consumer law conviction (Sean Robert Weinthal) – 21 July 2020

Consumers urged to avoid tree lopping family businesses (Sean Weinthal / Mitchell Grisbrook / Elite Trees / SAS Tree Services) – 11 January 2018

Wanneroo tree lopper fined for bullying tactics (Sean Weinthal / Manageable Tree Services) – 31 October 2016

Complaints against AMAC Tree Services (unregistered), or any business of which Mr Weinthal is associated, can be lodged on the Consumer Protection website or enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


Media Contact: Alan Hynd, (08) 6552 9248 / 0429 078 791 /  

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Sean Robert Weinthal (from Facebook)


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03 Nov 2022

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