Drainage plumbing diagram purchase fee

In December 2016 the Building Commission (in providing administrative support to the Plumbers Licensing Board) commenced delivering Western Australia’s drainage plumbing diagram service. This service was previously provided by the various sewerage service providers in Western Australia, including the Water Corporation.

Since then Building Commission has developed an online search system for drainage plumbing diagrams and introduced a quality assurance system to assess drainage plumbing diagrams when they are received.

These systems have now been refined to the point where the Building Commission is satisfied with the general accuracy of the system. As such, as of 30 August 2017, a fee of $10.50 will apply to the purchase of drainage plumbing diagrams. This is substantially less than the $17.05 previously charged by the Water Corporation.

As the Building Commission is dealing with historical records (almost 1 million diagrams were transferred from the Water Corporation) no guarantee of the accuracy of online records can be provided. However, you may contact the Building Commission where you think a drainage plumbing diagram may exist but one has not been made available online or where you have purchased a drainage plumbing diagram that is not suitable. For example the drainage plumbing diagram is for a different property than the one searched. In some cases a refund may be provided.

Please note that where you require a drainage plumbing diagram for work conducted prior to 14 December 2016 and the property was connected to an apparatus for the treatment of sewage at that time or was connected to a sewerage service provider other than the Water Corporation, the Building Commission has not obtained these records. In these instances, please contact the relevant local government authority or sewerage service provider for assistance.

If you have any queries about drainage plumbing diagrams, please contact the Building Commission at 08 6251 1301 or dpd@dmirs.wa.gov.au.

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25 Aug 2017

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