Green Waste tree lopper menace strikes again - Sean Robert Weinthal – Palm and Tree Professionals

A rogue tree lopper is leaving many consumers with holes in their gardens, roofs and pockets.  Sean Robert Weinthal of Wanneroo runs a tree lopping service under the apparent name Palm and Tree Professionals.

This unscrupulous tree lopper lures consumers with flyers left in letterboxes stating that local council verge-side collections of green waste are commencing in the next two weeks. 

Consumer Protection Commissioner Patrick Walker said Mr. Weinthal ignores the council laws that state how long green waste is allowed to be on the verge before a collection and uses the flyer to mislead consumers into using his services. 

“In some cases the green waste collection dates have been over three months away and he has left the consumer to face the clean up bill or possible fines by the council.

“Many consumers have complained that Mr. Weinthal’s work is substandard.  He has left work unfinished and has done unauthorised work.  In one case he has left a consumer with a dangerous hole in her roof without providing insurance or any form of support to repair it.

“Although he provides a mobile phone number he appears to use a message-bank to filter his calls.   He rarely returns calls and leaves no address for people to contact him in the event of problems,” Mr. Walker said.

Beyond these serious allegations the Department has collected a detailed list of complaints including: failure to issue written quotes or receipts; demanding payment up front; and disputing prices.

“I am particularly concerned that Mr. Weinthal is misleading some consumers, does not use a registered business name on his flyers and it is almost impossible for consumers to contact him when problems occur.

Consumer Protection
Media release
06 Aug 2007

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