Online tech stores taking consumers’ money but not delivering (Android Enjoyed / Camera Sky / Digital Marketing and Solutions Pty Ltd)

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Two online tech and gadget stores operated by the same company have been taking orders but failing to deliver, prompting a public warning from Consumer Protection.

Android Enjoyed and Camera Sky, operated by Digital Marketing and Solutions Pty Ltd which is registered in Victoria, have received a high level of complaints from WA consumers.

So far this year, Consumer Protection has received 31 complaints against Android Enjoyed and 16 complaints against Camera Sky relating to their failure to supply goods after orders were placed online and money taken.

Last month, the NSW Government issued a public warning after NSW Fair Trading received 70 complaints against both stores in February 2018 and 78 complaints in March 2018.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said, until the company can prove that they are a reliable supplier in the marketplace, we recommend consumers stay clear of them.

“Despite its name, it appears a lot of consumers are not really enjoying their online purchasing experience with Android Enjoyed, and Camera Sky has also attracted multiple grievances over its failure to supply,” Mr Hillyard said.

“NSW Fair Trading has previously issued an enforceable undertaking to the company which improved their behaviour for a short time, but now the complaints are again flooding in.

“Their business practices are totally unacceptable and their failure to supply goods within a reasonable time is a violation of the Australian Consumer Law.

“The unreliability of these businesses prompts us to appeal to consumers to seriously consider purchasing any tech items from other more reputable suppliers. Consumers who purchase items on their credit card and don’t receive the goods should claim a chargeback from their provider.”

WA consumers who have purchased items but don’t receive them can lodge a complaint on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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31 May 2018

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