Statutory Review of the Architects Act

The Building Commission has released the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS) as the first part of the public comment phase of the statutory review of the Architects Act 2004.

The review addresses some broad policy issues concerning the need to register architects, the adoption of a national recognition model, whether to extend the registration of architects to other building design para-professionals, and if there is merit in bringing the registration of architects under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, along with a number of other changes to improve the operation of the Act and remove red tape.

The CRIS provides 24 proposals for discussion, along with an impact assessment of each proposal.  The proposals are not final and are designed to focus attention and encourage comment on the key issues in the Act.  While comments on all parts of the Act are welcome, the CRIS concentrates on the key 24 proposals of the review.

For further information, guidelines on how to submit your comments and to download the CRIS please visit the 'Public consultations' webpage on the Building Commission website.

Closing date for comments is 22 May 2015.

For further information on the review email

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27 Feb 2015

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