Cancelling a fitness membership

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Members of any fitness service in Western Australia have the right to cancel their membership at any time by email or letter. You do not have to give notice in person.

If you cancel your membership before its scheduled expiry, the fitness service can only charge a termination fee if such a fee was included in your membership agreement. You must also abide by the notice period in your agreement, which cannot be more than 30 days.

Importantly, it is the fitness provider’s responsibility to cancel any third-party direct payment agreements they have put in place for membership payments.

The WA Fitness Industry Code of Practice also provides a mandatory seven-day cooling-off period  for all new fitness memberships.

Exercise Your Rights from Consumer Protection WA on Vimeo.

Other important information:

  • Include the date on any correspondence you send to the fitness provider.
  • Ask for an acknowledgement of your cancellation notice from the fitness provider and keep a copy of all correspondence (email and in writing).
  • If you cancel in person, ask for written or email acknowledgment including the time, date and name of staff member you spoke with.
  • The fitness provider can charge you a fee for any services you have already used but not paid for.
  • If you cancel your membership during the seven-day cooling-off period, the fitness service must refund any money paid in advance within 14 days, but may charge a fee to cover administration costs and/or charge for any fitness services you have used.
  • If you cancel a pre-paid membership, a refund representing any unused parts of the agreement, excluding the notice period, must be paid to you by the fitness provider.

Sample text for cancelling a fitness membership

(include Date)

Dear XYZ Health Club

I hereby terminate my membership agreement in line with the WA Fitness Industry Code of Practice.

My membership number is xxxx.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter ASAP and refund any fees owing within 14 days as per the code.

Yours sincerely,

John Citizen


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