Enforceable undertakings

Consumer Protection has at its disposal a wide range of enforcement options when dealing with breaches of fair trading legislation. Enforceable undertakings are just one of these options. An enforceable undertaking is a legally binding agreement where the trader or business agrees to do certain things in order to comply with the law.

Enforceable undertakings are an option for significant matters where there are reasonable grounds for believing the trader is willing to cooperate and rectify the situation without the need for litigation. Consumer Protection also publishes other actions on the compliance actions page. 

Enforceable undertakings can be a beneficial option, as consumers receive redress quickly and Consumer Protection and the trader cooperate to reach a reasonable solution and prevent future non-compliance.

Enforceable undertakings
Date accepted Trader 
26 August 2021 Nicholas Paul Kay
10 August 2020 Regional Express Holdings Limited
25 March 2020 Hunter Products Pty Ltd
30 May 2019 Mason Migration Pty Ltd
25 June 2018 Joel McLeod
9 March 2016 Peter Melvin Kleinig
15 December 2015 Macro Realty Pty Ltd, Desiree Veronica Macpherson and Renee June Smith
30 November 2015 Silkbay Investments Pty Ltd
28 October 2015 High Performance Corporation Pty Ltd and Motorone Group Pty Ltd
29 September 2015 A & J Training & Assessing Pty Ltd and Andre Bucci 
16 September 2015 Rowan Amanda Lines and Presto Property Solutions Pty Ltd 
28 July 2015 Alwyn Robert Healy
25 May 2015 Caputo & Clay Ltd 
25 May 2015 Prakornsak Sangthong
18 February 2015 WA Tree Services and Tracey Gordon
19 January 2015 Maria de Cinque
25 July 2014 Panvalley Enterprises Pty Ltd,and Linda and Gregory Cole
7 May 2014  WA Tree Services and Tracey Gordon 
20 March 2014  E'co Australia Pty Ltd and Mark Brian Keay 
13 December 2013 Pronto Online and Fergus Patrick Turner 
3 September 2013 IGEA Life Sciences Pty Ltd 
27 August 2013 Richard Keith Otton, Rick Otton.Com Pty Ltd, and We Buy Houses Pty Ltd 
23 July 2013  R.F & M.D. Millers Moves Pty Ltd 
24 June 2013  Geradus 'Gerry' Johannes Hermanus Jorissen and Anne Jorissen 
28 March 2013  United Fencing WA Pty Ltd and James Lee Battah 
8 March 2013  Matthew Jarvis 
22 December 2011 Unleash Solar Pty Ltd and Dionysios Perdikoyiannis 
25 October 2011 Alwyn Robert Healy
13 October 2011 E'co Australia Pty Ltd and Mark Brian Keay
3 June 2011 Fay Marie Armstrong 


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